YSY Photography by Yolanda Sanchez

YSY Photography by Yolanda Sanchez

Internacional Photographer & Artist - Barcelona | Amsterdam | Miami |

contact to: yolanda@ysyphotography.com

Specializing in fashion & publicity photography, fine art, lookbooks for models & brands, web profile photos, photomontages for cd or films, promotional film photography, portrait, fantasy photography for adults & kids, wedding & events photography.

Alongside Barcelona photography and education related to photography, I have a huge passion for travel and exploration. So if you're hoping to work with me, but you're not located in Barcelona, feel free to reach out through my contact page, and I might be in a city near you sometime soon. Generally speaking, I am in Barcelona and available for all of your Barcelona photography needs.

For me, the photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What is photographed with the camera is captured forever. Photography allows that little things be remembered long time after you have forgotten everything. With my photos I try to go beyond, and capture the soul of the people I photograph. I intend to reflect its essence and show the best of each one. For this reason I am passionate about photographing people.

Do we know how to transmit emotions through photography? ... I think so !!

I love Fashion & Publicity Photography.

I am really passionate about travel photography too, and show other cultures and their way of life. I am open to receive new challenges in orther to grow professionally.

Full mobility to worldwide.



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